SleepTalkâ„¢ for Children

The Academy of Awakening’s Sue McDonald is a Certified SleepTalk™ Consultant. Sue was trained in the early nineties by the creator of the Sleeptalk™ process and founder of the Goulding Institute, Joane Goulding. Sue was selected as Joane’s key SleepTalk™ Consultant in recognition of her passion for people, sharing and training. Sue now has extensive experience in supporting parents as they learn to implement the SleepTalk™ program with their children.
SleepTalk™ is a completely safe and powerful process for parents which takes just a few minutes with your child each night. The program is explained in Joane Goulding’s book and CD set, Sleeptalk™ for Children, which can be purchased online here.
SleepTalkâ„¢ allows parents to deal with issues that are relevant to children born in the last 12 years, to gently, safely and effectively. These issues include:

Self Confidence
Bed-wetting/Toilet Training
Health Issues
School Performance
Family Issues
Peer-Group Pressure
Sibling Rivalry
The Autistic Spectrum

The Goulding SleepTalk™ program is recommended by many General Practitioners, Psychologists and Allied Healthcare professionals. You’re also invited to visit

SleepTalkâ„¢ for Children is for all children. It acknowledge that the greatest gift parents can give their children is their loving influence by day, and the positive influence of SleepTalkâ„¢ for Children by night.

Once the positive messages you give your child as he or she sleeps have been absorbed, they stay with your child throughout their entire life. The Goulding SleepTalkâ„¢ process teaches parents how to convey positive, esteem-building messages to children at the most effective time – just after they have fallen asleep. This process has been developed over years to ensure that it is completely safe and works for all children, enabling them the best chance of realising their full potential – no matter what that may be.

Special Offer
When you buy your copy of Sleeptalkâ„¢ for Children from this site, you receive 3 months free email support from Sue McDonald personally.

You may purchase Sleeptalkâ„¢ for Children and the CD set Online

Download this article about SleepTalk™ as published in The Age, Melbourne’s most respected daily newspaper.
You’re not alone.

If you’d like to contact Sue McDonald at the Academy of Awakening
to discuss your special needs, you may email her
to arrange a webcam or telephone consultation.


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