About Sue

suemcdonaldHi there and thanks for dropping in!

The purpose of this blog is to meet others with the view of sharing common interests, passions and authentic empowerment in all areas of life.

If you would like to hear a little more “about Sue Mcdonald”, then feel free to continue reading below.

I have walked the journey of discovery and all the things I thought where uncomfortable then, I have now made sense of me to be deeply passionate about supporting any one who chooses to embrace a new, positive exciting outlook for their future happiness.

The tools that I used, I have made available to anyone who embraces all the opportunities that present in each of individual and unique lives. I am a Professional Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and also a qualified Nurse. I integrate all my professional qualities with sensitivity and compassion, using the tools I have created, and my many years of experience to empower others to find their passion in life.

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