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The Academy of Awakening was founded by Sue McDonald, a professional Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Sue began her career as a dedicated nurse, having dreamt of nothing else but becoming a nurse since she was a child. She became a Nurse Educator before growing to embrace many other aspects of the body and mind’s healing process. Her passion for healing has never subsided. Today she delights in sharing her ability to get the very best from herself and others in her healing, personal growth and teaching work.

The key focus of the Academy is to provide people all around the world – people who have a huge variety of interests and needs – with EASILY ACCESSIBLE TOOLS, to empower them to achieve more fulfilment and more peace in their lives, their families and their work.

Under Sue’s leadership and with the deep insights gained from her lifetime of study and experience, The Academy of Awakening has created a powerful and growing bank of IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE MP3s and CDs, to empower people to START RIGHT NOW to make positive changes in their lives.

The Academy of Awakening’s extensive library of MP3 and CD support programs help people discover more abundance, more peace, more freedom, more satisfaction, more inspiration – and more awakening to their own powerfulness.

These powerful tools can now be experienced in your own home. ORDER YOUR COPIES NOW.

Sue McDonald is a highly trained and experienced professional. Her own life’s experiences, which have included significant emotional pain, have led her to study extensively and explore ways to understand, grow and learn from every challenge. While Sue now celebrates that her life continues to contain exciting challenges and change, the academic knowledge and practical experience she has gained enables her to share REAL, PROVEN strategies to achieve inner peace, awakening and personal power.

Sue has presented Workshops, Seminars and Lectures at many public events. These days, her key focus is on creating online tools that can provide people with what they need WHEN THEY NEED IT … NOW … at the click of a button.

So if you’re in emotional pain right now, if your self image is poor, or you’d like to achieve more in your life and your work, click now on our amazing library of Affirmations or Meditations and discover beautiful and powerful tools that are ready to help you make changes NOW.

Sue McDonald is always delighted to provide telephone and video healing support for people who speak English, all over the world. YOU are most welcome to contact her for her personal and confidential help with your special healing need.

Here’s how:

By Video Interview using your web cam and FREE Skype Software

By Email. Just write “EFT Consultation” in your email subject line, and indicate 4 times that would suit you for a consultation. (Australian Eastern Standard Time between 10 am and 4 pm weekdays please.) Sue McDonald will email you with the time she can phone you.

Our Fees:
It’s easy! Fees may be paid through PayPal. It’s a breeze and safe to sign up and use PayPal, so there’s no need to stress about that at all. We’ll be happy to advise the exact fee for the consultation type you choose at the time we agree on an appointment time.

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