A Tribute and Farewell to my Dad

Nurturing and supporting Dad was a fantastic team effort – each of us contributing in our own unique way  —- To Dad, each of his children where the apple of his eye – we where each just a different variety of apple and as such we all added our unique and independent flavour into his life as he did ours.

We all supported Dad emotionally and we where all there when Dad could not be there for himself

My journey with dad began 66 years ago when I wouldn’t wait for him to come home to make my entrance into the world – my impatience became, over the years, a great source of spirited banter between us, shared by both of us

Dad  was a courageous, fiercely independent, wise man who had a heart of gold – a man born into an era of much turmoil and unrest – an emotional man who knew at some level that he had a significant role in leadership in this life time.

Dad and I travelled along many rocky roads, sometimes independently, sometimes together. We dug in the ditches and in the last 5 years of Dad’s life we climbed our mountain,  our connection became something that gave us both a  great sense of joy as we accepted our individual  roles on our pathway of forgiveness.

Dad loved it when I gave him the responsibility of being my grammar/spelling checker for my writings – he really starred in this role and on many occasions, continued to add even more wisdom, which added another dimension to my ability to throw my thoughts to the wind and allow them to manifest wherever they where needed

With Dad’s  inspiration I was able to create many Mind Empowerment Movies  using visual, audible aids and brainwave technology to allow Dad to let his mind go from a visual aspect, to where it needed to go, the musical enhancement of his favourite melodies helped him to relax and modern science and ancient wisdom took care of the rest

When dad first began to become totally engaged – it sometimes took a couple of hours to go through a movie – for Dad to explain what the written affirmations meant to him and of course, Dad being Dad he adding more insight to them

Dads’ sense of humour, his sharp wit and his wisdom on the power of the mind, more particularly the unconscious mind, plus his positive beliefs around the power of the spoken word never ceased to amaze me – we laughed , we cried – such a beautiful time for both of us

An incident that comes to mind that was a total acknowledgement of our communication was about the youth of today – “they will  be OK”  – they will not be bullied and they know at some level,   that they are just rebelling… Dad continued,  but while we are talking about that, I have a point I want to make. They get to choose whether they take drugs or they don’t, we oldies, who have never resorted to these forms of escape do not get any choice – he continued “WHY IS THAT SO” – I cracked up – Where did that come from.

As a continuation on this theme, Dad said in another conversation, Life is full of confusion and mixed messages  and far to many rules – GO FIGURE

This 96 year old mind never ceased to amaze me.

Only 2 weeks ago – it was movie time, but it was different now, Dad knew in his heart that he had let go of his old beliefs that no longer served him, so together, we felt and acknowledged our sense of peace. The circle was now complete – forgiveness and freedom was achieved

A couple of days later I walked into Dad’s room and he was seated , on his bed in front of  his hall of honour  – which was formally known as the rogues gallery – his Grand Children’s photos  – he didn’t acknowledge me , but with all the strength he could muster, he said “please make sure they all know how much I love them” The deal was sealed – a promise was made

And finally, Dads final message to tomorrow leaders  – you know who you are

Let go of the Martyr – didn’t work for me and it will never work for you

Believe in yourself and follow your dreams

Be there for others, but allow them to find their own truth

To My Gentle Giant

From Peter, Dad he wants you to know just how much your strong bond meant to him and we both thank you for being our Father, for your love, your support, for your wisdom and for your inspiration.

I thank you for the good times and I thank you for giving  me the strength and courage to understand the not so good times – to find the reason  for the journey of life

You have travelled the circle of life, you have achieved true love for self and all others through forgiveness of yourself and all others

Thankyou for being my teacher and my student

Be at peace xxxx


  • Alan

    Like you, I too had a wonderful father, albeit different in so many ways.

    Dad was a quiet man, who suffered chronic illness all his life. However, this didn’t stop him gently showing how much he cared for us, and praised our achievements. IHe’s been gone over 25 years now, but I still often think of him, and talk about him with my 3 girls.

    Sadly (for all of us), I have not come up to the mark. When my first was born, I had travelled the world, and seen many amazing things and people, which I wanted to share with them.

    Then just before the third baby arrived, our fortunes turned around. Now, seven years later, I have been forced away from my children and home, and am unable to work due to illness. I am now on the verge of poverty, and don’t want to drag them with me. This will probably be one of the last times I can access the internet too; on which, I was trying to build a new income and future.

    I love them dearly, and they have been the very best part of my life, without exception, but I cannot see my place in their futures,as I always wanted to be their hero.

    I have let them down badly, and just cannot see a way though to the light, so I can share the few years I have remaining (I am an older father).

    I don’t drink, take drugs, or any such nonsense, and have tried to lead a decent life with the best ethics and principles, but I feel worn down, and simply have no energy left to fight the many attacks I’m under at the moment; both financial and emotional.

    I simply wanted to be what they call me – The Best Dad In The World.

    • Sue McDonald

      Dear Alan.Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and i hope you have gained some inspiration and can take it into your life. Please know that I have total compassion for where you find yourself to be at this moment, I have been there and I found a way back – you can now make the choice to connect with the higher power of your mind and find a way to retrain your mind to enable you to be the “best dad in the World” – no matter what anyone says or you think they say – the power comes from within you and CAN ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE Please keep in touch Love Sue

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