Is it Personal Choice? or is it Destiny

I wonder how many people believe that whatever happens in their lives is predestined, or fate. I’m among those who believe that we pilot our own ship. I believe my life is governed by the choices I make. For me, this hasn’t always been the case. So what’s the difference?
When I chose to become accountable for my actions and my reactions to all the endless possibilities of thought and action, my life changed. I learned that there was no such thing as a mistake – just another choice I could make. I began to open doors and accept total responsibility for my own growth. I welcomed the chance to understand why I attracted my life’s lessons to myself.

I believe that my power comes from a combination of the opportunities that I have attracted to myself, and the power of the choices I have made when confronted with life’s opportunities and challenges. I believe that I am here, on this planet at this time, to learn – and that each one of us chooses what we are to learn. We attract to us the people, the opportunities and the events that can facilitate that learning.

In my lifetime of learning, I have had many powerful learning experiences. Through these experiences I have gained wisdom that I can tap into, when called upon, to raise my vibration or support others. I have embraced the adult part of my journey, determined to heal the wrongs of my upbringing – real or perceived, and become an authent, joyous person. I’ve become a person who can inspire others to challenge their being, their values, their beliefs and their responsibility to learn from all their available opportunities. Now I can share my journey and shine a light that helps others to take the learning and let go of the past.

Whether to believe that fate plays a hand at an unconscious level or to believe that opportunity only goes to the more privileged, is in itself a choice that I choose to embrace in my life. I am neither inferior nor superior to anyone on this planet. The privileges that I have in life come to me because of the positive way I think about manifesting all opportunities – no ifs’ or buts’, no blaming anyone else, no pretending, no fantasizing or judgment. Just seeing the opportunity as just that – another opportunity to welcome into my learning.

As children, we have no filter separating our conscious and our unconscious mind. Every action and reaction we experience, everything we hear, and every reinforcement of any behavior becomes a child’s reality. For children, it will remain that way until parents learn the power of choice and teach our children, by example, that there are always consequences for every action and every reaction. Children who learn by taking responsibility and by becoming accountable, in a positive way, become our future leaders and lead others in powerfully positive ways.

It is my belief that I chose my life’s pathway and I chose the people who would be my teachers on this pathway of learning. By incorporating a positive attitude to my beliefs, and letting go of the thoughts that no longer served me well, I was able to add another dimension to my life, allowing endless possibilities to be my reality. I now attract to me only positive reinforcement that my happiness is my choice and perhaps my destiny. To reach this pathway, I had to be totally proactive in making the choice initially to retrain my mind, in order to fulfill that destiny.

I have recently finished studying a book by Norman Doidge called “The Brain that Heals Itself”. This provided an amazing insight into research that has been going on since the mid eighteenth century. It discusses the possibility that our thoughts can change the way our brain functions. “An astonishing new scientific discovery called neuroplasticity is overthrowing the centuries-old notions that the adult human brain is fixed and unchanging. It is, instead, able to change its own structure and function, even into old age”. The notion that our brain is hard-wired like a machine is slowly being proven to be incorrect and now modern-day science is more in tune with the ”use it or lose it theory”.

I have been working with my Affirmation Series for many years now, embracing the notion that the power of positive affirmations will over-ride the negative thoughts and beliefs that I took on during my child hood. The wonderful truth is that by doing so, I have created an opportunity for me to truly live the life I was born to live. But then perhaps you will say that was my destiny

The uniqueness of each of us, travelling towards the light, depends on the choices we make and how we feel emotionally, and what we learn from those choices.

Do you feel that you do not have choice and thus you feel that your destiny/fate is already firmly fixed?

Do you feel that you have a destiny and accept that you do not have any input into it?

When we give out love, compassion, trust and respect by smiling or kind words, that comes from within, and that is what comes back to us multiplied. The same principle applies when we give out fear, anger and resentment – it also comes back multiplied.

My view is that my destiny must incorporate the choices I make about how I vibrate energetically out into my world. My destiny is to be a healer, and so it is my choice to experience opportunities as they come to me as opportunities to gain authenticity – that is to be totally aligned body, mind and spirit.

I already knew that I totally vibrated in healing energy even when I was a young child, so I chose a profession that allowed me to learn and experience opportunities at an amazing level in the medical world. I was a trained Nurse. When the passion for that career choice diminished I made another choice …. to pick up books again and become a healer who uses natural medicine as my tool. I am continually open to using more advanced techniques in all fields and have dedicated my life to be open to all opportunities for a much more spiritual awakening in all those who are seeking support in their lives.

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