Personal Responsibility and Freedom

Part 1 of 5

Personal responsibility is the freedom to create our own lives

Part 1 of 5…… Personal Responsibility & Freedom

Part 2 of 5….. Personal Responsibility and Boundaries

Part3 of 5…… Personal Responsibility and the Law of Attraction

Part 4 of 5….. Personal Responsibility and Blame

Part 5 0f 5….. Personal Responsibility in Listening & Honesty

When we take responsibility, we admit we are the ones responsible for the choices we make. We attract to ourselves an experience, which we make a choice about. It is all about staying committed to our choices, and staying flexible to our approach and outcomes

Let’s get personal and talk about you for a moment. Are you perfectly happy with the way things are at this time, or do you wish things were better? Chances are you are neither perfectly happy nor completely unhappy, for most of us lie somewhere between both extremes. However, if you’re not totally satisfied, what are you doing about it? If you continue to do the same things, everything will remain the same. Nothing will change until you do.

It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibility. No body ever did, or ever will escape the consequences of their choices – this is called learning, and an opportunity to raise our vibration empowers us, when we acknowledge the learning behind the lesson

When we take responsibility, we admit we are the ones responsible for the choices we make. We, not other people or events, are responsible for the way we think and feel. It is our life, and we are in charge of it. We are free to enjoy it or disdain it. No, we are not responsible for all that happens to us, but we are responsible for how we think, feel, and act when the consequences of our choice are presented to us.

We all must learn to take personal responsibility – in most cases we cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but we can change ourselves and more importantly change the habitual thinking associated with the way we live our lives

If you believe that things or people make you unhappy, you are looking outside of yourself, for someone or something to blame. If you are unhappy, you make yourself unhappy – your unhappiness is a choice that you make for yourself, it comes from within you and what you are seeing from the outside is a mirror – an opportunity to “Tap” into the emotion that has presenting itself to be healed

One of the first ‘people’ we greet each morning is our reflection in the mirror. Don’t we want to be accountable, answerable, and responsible for the life we are creating for it? By accepting that responsibility, we unleash great power and transform ourselves. It may be convenient for a caterpillar to have so many legs, but it remains earthbound. It is far better to make a dramatic change and transform ourselves like a butterfly, so we can take flight and explore a new world.

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, and opportunities to give back, by  embracing a journey of learning and growth, and by taking responsibility for our own personal freedom

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