Is it Real or Imagined

It was a warm, cloudless afternoon in Melbourne, the sun was shinning brightly and the birds where chirping in the background.

I had achieved my goals for the day, and now it was just the right time for me to rest, relax and reflect, so I settled into my favorite chair and just let go. I decided that I would reflect and allow my mind to take me through an area of my life, that was being mirrored to me, where I felt I needed to take more responsibility for my reactions and for my thought processes.

I reached a wonderful place of deep relaxation and then, a very loud   screeching of brakes and then BANG. I immediately jumped to my feet, and went into my Nurse mode, and raced to be there for any one who would benefit from my expertise.

I went up the street to the corner, expecting all to be revealed to me, but nothing to be seen or heard – What was happening, there was nothing that could have been the cause of such a commotion to be seen anywhere.

It was now time for me to calm down, have a cup of tea and get back to my original plan, which was to simply relax.

Now I had a dilemma on my hands within my own thinking, the crash  seemed real, and was certainly loud enough to be real, but it wasn’t real. Was my mind telling me something that I needed to understand, to find the learning and then let it let go – I decided to go with this option and allow my mind to wander, and then it happened, a picture came into my mind of a small girl lying under a bus.

Who was this girl – was it me, I had no scars or memory of any such incident, the noise was loud and people where running everywhere yelling for assistance, I froze while watching all this happen, it was as if it was in slow motion.

I allowed my mind to go with this ghastly picture and a thought came to me, why wasn’t I helping, I was certainly trained to be able to assist in these type of emergencies, but I just stood there and it all happened before my eyes, they where able to get the very burnt and seriously ill girl out and I looked into her eyes, and to my horror saw that these where my eyes, this was my pain – I was hit by a bus and had become trapped there.

This was a very real experience in my mind, but I had no scars or memory around this incident, was it real or was it imagined – it seemed as real as the screeching of wheels and the loud crashing bang that I had heard this afternoon, but nothing was there, what was this memory and those pictures telling me?

The picture faded as the adult within me knew that Meridian Tapping would help make sense of all this, and it did, I was now calm but not much wiser about all that happened until I realized that this picture and this experience, whilst very real during my relaxing timeout, could have needed to be acted out to show me that we all get hit by a big bus, at some time during our lives, whether real or imagined.

Subsequent days later, I began to gain a real clarity about why my mind had given me this opportunity for my highest learning.  It was revealed to me as a complete understanding that bubbled up to a real truth and realization. It was now time for me to reframe this picture from that of victim to victory, which I now hold dear to me.

We all get hit by a big bus at some time in our life of learning and it is up to us to make a choice on just how we let it effect us as we continue our journey of discovery. We can hang on to it and remain a victim or we can just take responsibility and grow from the experience, filling our lives with compassion, joy and love for self and all others

Those who get knocked down the hardest, jump up to greater heights

Author Unknown


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