by Graham Johnson

We are all worthy and deserving of love and respect. We are here, blessed by the universe to come to the realisation that we are loveable and can be the highest level of consciousness, for self and all others.

To those who we believed didn’t love us enough, or who we believe abandoned us at our most vulnerable (and we as a result became emotionally and spiritually broken, selfish and narcissistic) due to our trapped fear, pain and inability to love ourselves, plus the idea that giving and sharing love was fearful, we must forgive now.

We are all doing and have done, the best we can.

Upon awakening, there is no need to repeat the imprinted patterns of our poverty subconscious behaviour where the illusion of lack of love, turning into blame, denial, or self abandonment envy spanning through generations rears its head.

We must be the change in these dynamics, we must take the leap of love.

The leap of love is self-first-ness.

Selfishness, creates pain until we ‘get’ that we must give in order to receive.

We should take courageous action, unblock, let go and release the fear and love ourselves enough upon realising our true nature to create the results we wish to see.

There is no ending to the suffering created from this space, until we love ourselves enough to do for ourselves what our heart is truly telling us.

No one can save us.

We have to save ourselves.

Nobody can be blamed for our results but us.

The results we see on the outside are a direct proportion of how much we put ourselves first.

How much we love ourselves vs how much we allow ourselves to abandon ourselves from the loving feelings and choices of our heart.

Love is the only energy that feels, heals and seals our experience of life, and the better the life we desire we simply must make room for, and give more love…