A Power Connection

“The power of connection is

the law of attraction working from within us, through and by us to empower our growth.

We are attracting to us whatever we need to raise our vibration by listening, learning and growing, and subsequently this divine experience changes us forever” – Sue McDonald

I have had, over the past few years, the amazing experience of being able to support my 95 year old father, emotionally, in the most empowering way. The realizations that this beautiful soul has handed to me as wisdom, is a connection that I am blessed to be experiencing at this time of my life. The inspiration that he is still able to share is totally in tune with my beliefs and my values and totally affirming and empowering in every way

During one of my recent visits Dad reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper, which held a very special vibration for him, and with tears in his eyes he said “this is yours”

“There are hearts that are 
hard enough to resist:

The forces of wrath,

The fury of pride.

But hard is the heart that 
can resist the warmth

of  the “flame of Love”.

Dad has endured a father at war, and becoming a proud defender of his country, he has endured the depression era, had four Children, who he educated at the highest level through drought, fire and flooded planes – a tough Man, with wisdom way before his time, has handed me the baton, filled with experience and guidance, now is setting himself free with love in his heart


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