Stress and Change

“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”
-Mary Engelbreit

High stress and pressure to perform can come about from real problems and life circumstances. Work, family, health and financial stress can consume you to the point of being completely overwhelmed.Exhaustion doesn’t seem to go away but you keep pushing forward to accomplish the endless to do list. One thought keeps turning like a revolving door, “If I stop everything will crumble.” You might know someone who lives in this world and it could even be you. Living under this kind of stress for any length of time is harmful to your emotional and physical health.

What if I told you that you could make it stop?

Thriving in chaos and the rush of adrenaline can become a lifestyle choice. Keeping a constant pace to get work accomplished just becomes commonplace. However, there are behaviors and habits that can keep you stuck. And it’s creating suffering and stress.

Mistake #1 Chronic Complaining. This behavior goes beyond discussing that something is bothering the complainer. Nothing seems to go right and the world is wrong. No thoughts or choices made have anything to do with the current circumstances. This is living in a victim’s world. The complainer chooses to take little responsibility for their actions.

Check for patterns in life. If there’s a bad streak of luck, ask what choices were made that led up to the outcome. Situations have two sides. Victim thinking suggests being powerless. The next choice made can be one of owning responsibility instead of blaming others or circumstances.

Mistake #2 Regret the Past or Fear the Future. When living in the past or future, there is no present life. The world is seen through the eyes of someone wounded from the past or fearful of the future. The result is that there is no life to live. The mind is somewhere else other than whatever is happening.

Take a deep breath and live in the now. Acknowledge that the mind is taking a vacation that has no beginning or end. The present is a beautiful place to live. The colors of life are grander than any worry or fear.

Mistake #3 Control. Control is the master magician’s mind trick. As long as people, places and things are under control, life is manageable. The level of energy and intense work required to keep everything under control is exhausting

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