Tips for Family De-Stressing

When times get tough, which usually refers to a lack of money, it can be stressful for the entire family.

Parents feel stressed both because of a lack of money to pay the bills, and because they cannot give their children everything they want to.  Children may not be able to get all the new clothes that they want, or do what they want.  Everyone may feel stressed because of a lack of ability to do the expensive vacations and do things that they used to do.

It is now time to add a new and exciting spin to the word FUN. De-stressing needs to take a creative, and immediate turn.  Here are some of the ways that your family can de-stress when times get tough.

My 5 year old Granddaughter and I have a wonderful time, creating artistic projects that I used to use, way back then, and they still work for her. It is exciting for me to feel part of her World as she introduces me to new and exciting aspects out of the mind of a 5 year old – a new concept from an old idea

Lets start by Re-Defining FUN:

☆ Maybe you cannot go on the expensive vacations, and go out to the expensive dinners that you used to go to, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun.

☆ Start planning a family game night with those board and card games that have been collecting dust in the cupboard.

☆ You can even make it more fun by making it pizza night as well, but making your pizza at home instead of ordering take-out.

☆ You can also plan a picnic at the park, allowing your kids time to run around and play, as well as getting some quality family time in.

☆ You can also take time as a family to learn to enjoy nature.  You can find a place to go locally that allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.  It may be a local park that has a pond in the middle, or you can find a local lake or stream to go to.

☆ There is nothing like spending time together as a family to reduce stress.

How about having more family dinners  

Family dinners are a great way to de-stress for families.  For even more de-stressing, you can make dinner together as a family.  When you eat together, it does bring you closer, and closeness can help the stress to melt away. Working together to make a dinner can help relieve stress for the family as well.  The teamwork and togetherness that comes with working together to make a nice dinner is really good to relieve stress.  You may even reach a point where you feel like you don’t want to go out to dinner anymore because it is so fun to have dinner this way.

The most important thing you have to remember when you are trying to relieve stress for the whole family is that time together, and having fun together goes a long way toward helping to let go of that stress.

The Family that plays together
stays together

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