Healing the Heart


Nonforgiveness is the root of many deep seated problems. Now here is a secret about nonforgiveness: it often hides behind anger, fear, sadness or fear so If you think that you don’t have nonforgiveness issues ask yourself” Why do I feel some anger related to …… Sadness about….. fear about…….You will generally find nonforgiveness at the bottom of these things. nonforgiveness issues can be toward self

They can be toward other people: they can be toward God: or they can be in reverse of that, they can be feeling like God has not or will not forgive me. Feeling like other people have not forgiven me whether they have or not Any of those can be the crucial cellular memory that blocks our health or blocks our success This nonforgiveness and the memories that contain that nonforgiveness that are not true and loving. They are lies and selfishness

It is also interesting that the actual word forgiveness if you look back to the original language means “cut the rope” or “untie the rope”. So nonforgiveness means that we are literally tied to the thing that we refuse to forgive or to the person. Even if the person is not willing to forgive us, we can cut the rope

The foundation of an abundant life of love, joy and peace is forgiveness. Healing nonforgiveness is absolutely essential for healing and for success

This is just the beginning

Love is next

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  • sam mutimer

    Great post Sue. It’s a top refresher and has also put a spin on how I used to think. Keep the posts coming, I am getting so much out of them. Many thanks, Sam

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