You are Here for a Very Special Reason

As thoughts are the seed of all action, let me plant only good pure seeds

So the fruit will be the best

~ Anon ~

Your journey is right NOW and exists in this moment, whether you realize it or not. It will be enjoyable if you consciously pursue your Spiritual purpose to bring the world to LOVE. You do this by expressing love in whatever you do, and more importantly doing what you love, with love. Consciously following your spiritual purpose brings you ultimate joy, balance, peace freedom and happiness.

We have set up our environment where Children are our teachers. We are on an equal basis where love is shared abundantly; we are all here to do the same thing: to let go of fear through the vehicle of love. We do this through learning that, no matter how much pain you have, if you take one small moment and totally give to another person your love, during that one moment you will not experience pain or sickness: you will not perceive yourself as having pain.

Free will is the ability or power to make our own choices. Free will includes choices over our thoughts, and words, as well as actions. Our greatest choice is to choose between love and fear. One cannot exist in the presence of the other –so we cannot choose both. It is like light and darkness – if light is present, darkness disappears Thus, the choice between love and fear is the most basic and most important choice we have.

False Expectations Appearing Real is an acronym for FEAR – it is simply a figment of our imagination since it does not exist … it is a projection into the future which is based on past memories, or other peoples fears. The past is done and the future does not exist, so the fears of the future are fears that do not exist. It is easy for us to say ”I choose Love over Fear”, but the tricky part comes in the daily interactions, the moment to moment reactions, the constant thoughts that wander through our head, the spontaneous actions and reactions. It becomes a constant “challenge” to stay present (in the moment) and be aware of the choices we are making. One must act with wisdom

Love is divine and beautiful, love is and allowing the higher thoughts to be our guidance in everything we do. Love is just letting go

Now is the only time there is. Pain, grief, depression, guilt and other forms of fear disappear when the mind is focused in loving peace in this instant.

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